Friday, June 4, 2010

Yoga Exercise - Revolved Triangle Pose

Yoga Exercise - Revolved Triangle Pose (Parivrtta Trikonasana)

This asana is a contrary twisted Trikonasana and is a good exercise to follow the Trikonasana. Parivrtta Trikonasana makes the back stronger and freer and forms a frontal attack on tensions in the hip-joint. The exercise is good for your sense of coordination and sense of balance. You need a lot of concentration and precision to be able to carry it out correctly. 

STEP 1: The Dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) is a good asana to start this exercise with.
STEP 2: Start with the Dog position and put your right leg about one meter forward.
STEP 3: Put your hands next to your foot and carry your weight with the lower back on the heel of the foot in front. Raise your upper body until your back is straight. You can recognize this by a groove in the middle of the lower back. Without changing your posture and shifting your weight, twist your left foot diagonally with the heel toward the ground.
STEP 4: With your right hand, grab your ankle or the under side of your lower leg and you see to it that the lower back carries your weight and that consequently you hardly rest on your right hand. Stretch the leg which is in front without bending the back or twisting your body. With your back straight and your right hip stretched backward, look at a point on the ground and breathe in and out quietly. Press your left hand against the ankle or your lower leg and twist the upper body to the right and upward.

Try to support as much of your weight as possible with your back and to rest as little as possible on your right arm. With a view to the strong straining of your hips and the hamstrings, you should see to it that you are not going to try to compensate for it by twisting your legs outside. Because if you do, you lose the stretching motion in your back, allowing your lower back to sink down or to support yourself too much on your lower arm.
STEP 5: If you cannot twist any further, stretch your right hand upward.
STEP 6: Then twist your head to the right and upward, look upwards along your arm and stretch out your neck.

The better you do this exercise, the bigger will be the triangle between your leg in front, your arm and your side. When you stand well aligned in this position, it will feel light and spacious.

Step back towards the Dog and repeat the exercise with your left leg in front.

The exercise often has a strong effect on your pelvis and this easily causes you to feel an inclination to wobble or look for a way to compensate it. Try to twist as much as possible through relaxation and a good alignment. In the case of pain or discomfort, try to avoid getting stressed and tense as much as possible. And only when you experience the exercise as extremely difficult should you allow yourself to give your body a little extra support with your lower arm. For your balance, it might help to put the heel of your backward foot against the baseboard of the wall. 


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