Friday, November 7, 2014

What happens when a bowling ball and a feather are dropped together under the conditions of outer space

Physicist Brian Cox of the BBC Two program Human Universe recently visited NASA’s Space Power Facility outside of Sandusky, Ohio, the world’s largest vacuum chamber, to demonstrate the effects of air on falling objects. In the video, a feather and bowling ball are dropped at the same time in normal Earth conditions and after the air has been removed from the room.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Genius Baby

OMG ... can you believe he is only 16 months? Truly genius ...

privacy and security concerns with Xiaomi phones

Indian Air Force warns against using Xiaomi phones

There have been privacy and security concerns around Xiaomi phones in the past but now Indian Air Force (IAF) is reportedly warning against using the devices manufactured by the Chinese company. According to a report by the Sunday Standard, the IAF has told its officers and their families not to use Xiaomi devices, citing security concerns. The IAF reportedly suggests that Xiaomi devices send data to an agency which reports to the ministry of information industry in China.
The IAF, according to the report, issued the advisory on the basis of information obtained from the Indian Computer Response Team, which also confirmed that Xiaomi phones send back data to China.

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China Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Vows to Move Online Services Overseas

In a move that could show the way forward for many Chinese companies hoping to compete in the worldwide tech market, China smartphone maker Xiaomi, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, says it will shift its online services to machines running outside the country.

Hugo Barra, the former Google executive who oversees Xiaomi’s international operation, made the announcement this morning with a post to Facebook, saying the move will affect all oversees users. “In early 2014, we kicked off a massive internal effort to expand our server infrastructure globally,” wrote Barra, who worked on Google’s Android operating system at the U.S. search giant. “This is a very high priority for Xiaomi as we expand into new markets over the next few years.”

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The story of great Kargil War

The story of great Kargil War, very touching experience. I had a young civilian girl standing next to me when this young soldier was briefing us, she literally started crying..... Our salute to all those who laid down their life for the country...... Jai Hind

Thursday, October 16, 2014

This kid is made for the dance floor

Check this video "This kid is made for the dance floor" gone viral on social network sites.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Responsible dog breaks the cat fight

Check this video "Responsible dog breaks the cat fight" gone viral on social network sites.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Girl Wheelie on Motorcycle Yamaha R1

Girls are not behind boys in any field. Girls are week and dependent, it is an old concept now. Now we can see girls in every filed of life, doctors, engineers, pilots and even astronauts.

Bike riding dog

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Eye Test

70% of people see the same word FIRST in this word search. Let's see if that's true. What's the FIRST WORD you see?

Friday, June 20, 2014

20 Greatest TV Villains in 2 Minutes

We've all gone around in circles about our favorite TV heroes of all time, but, to quote Smallville Lex Luthor, a hero is only defined by his (or her) enemies. Who's your favorite? Shredder? Joffrey? Scorpius? We run down the 20 greatest TV villains ever in exactly 2 minutes! 

20 Greatest TV Villains in 2 Minutes! | DweebCast | OraTV by Dweebcast

5 Players we want to see shirtless in this World Cup

Top 5 World Cup Players We Want To See Shirtless in FIFA2014
Top 5 World Cup Players We Want To See Shirtless by Celebuzz

Top 20 hottest Primetime TV actresses

Primetime television is the most sought after chunk of TV real estate, any day of the week. Spanning from 7 to 11 pm, the competition is fierce, and shows must put up impressive and consistent numbers in order to maintain their hold over their coveted prime time slot. Having a hot lead actress, or even a supporting cast of hot women certainly doesn't hurt a show's chances. This list has the hottest actresses on primetime television in 2014, with pictures.

These hot actresses are from primetime dramas as well as primetime comedies and all are stunningly beautiful. Shows like "The Vampire Diaries," "How I Met Your Mother," and "New Girl" all have hot actresses in almost every scene.

Cast your votes for the hottest primetime TV actresses of 2014 below and see where the actresses you think are the hottest rank.

20 Hottest Primetime Tv Actress of 2014 - by Ranker

Top 10 sexiest Wives of Footballers in the World Cup

There's a plethora of beautiful woman dating very lucky soccers. But not all of them could make our list of the hottest wives and girlfriends of the 2014 World Cup. Check out our picks… 

Sexiest 2014 World Cup WAGs by revnewmedia

Sunday, April 13, 2014

SCAM - R. I. P. DWAYNE JOHNSON (1972 - 2014). - The Rock is NOT Dead

R.I.P. message being distributed on Facebook claims that actor Dwayne Johnson has died during filming of a dangerous stunt for the movie Fast and Furious 7.

Brief Analysis
The message is a scam. Dwayne Johnson is alive and well. The link in the message takes users to a fake Facebook page that tries to trick them into participating in suspect online surveys and installing rogue apps or malicious browser extensions. If this scam message comes your way, do not click any links that it contains.

Infolinks In Text Ads



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