Thursday, July 24, 2014

Girl Wheelie on Motorcycle Yamaha R1

Girls are not behind boys in any field. Girls are week and dependent, it is an old concept now. Now we can see girls in every filed of life, doctors, engineers, pilots and even astronauts.

Girls play almost every game and they compete with boys in every field and they have proved themselves much better than boys. This video is telling the same story. The video shows a young girl riding a bike. In the past bike was considered a men’s ride only but now girls also use it for moving from one place to another.
It is not just a mean of transport, but it is also a way to entertain others. We have seen men doing wheeling and other stunts on motor cycle. But in this video we can see a young girl doing wheeling. She is not only riding a heavy duty bike on a busy road but also do wheeling, which is really a strange sight. The road seems a common road, where other cars and motorcycles are moving at fast speed and in between them; this girl is wheeling her bike.
This is an amazing video, which shows the spark of girl. If they are trained and given facilities, they can do anything, which boys can do. However, it is important to take all safety precaution, as in such games life is at risk.

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